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Craft Show tents along Mill Street looking West


The Occoquan Arts and Crafts show is one of the finest shows on the east coast and a must for anyone who loves the craft show experience.  The show has been an annual event for over 25 years.  It is hosted by the Town of Occoquan.

The Town of Occoquan is located along the Occoquan River and is full of history.  Please take a moment along the river on our boardwalk and visit one of the many fine restaurants while attending the show. Information tables will be set up near shuttle bus stops to help you locate any merchants, exhibitors or restaurants you may be looking for.

The Craft Show Website

The Occoquan Arts and Crafts show website was established in the Spring of 2007 under the leadership of the then Craft Show Director, Greg Gilker, with support by the Craft Show Liaison and Town Council Member Leo Smith, and town resident and web developer Bryan Reese.

The site was parked during the Winter and Spring of 2015 as the Town of Occoquan local government expressed an interest in purchasing the site.

The site was restored based on popular demand in the Summer of 2015.

BAR-3 Enterprises is proud to continue to provide information to the visitors of this site and is honored by the support it has and continues to receive.